studio: Austin, TX 78723| 

gallery: Barbara Davis Gallery - Houston

films: New American Cinema Group/The Filmmakers' Cooperative - New York

books: Les presses du réel - Dijon

ig: @abinadi_meza


Abinadi Meza is a Latinx-Indigenous artist and filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Meza studied art, creative writing, and architecture; he primarily makes experimental films, sound works, and installations. Meza's works seek to create "other" spaces for viewers/listeners to inhabit, with a focus on alterity, spatial politics, and poetics. His works often use transitory or precarious materials - found footage, hand-painted film, field recordings, radio waves, glass. 

Meza's award-winning work has been presented widely, including at Anthology Film Archives, New York; Athens International Film & Video Festival; Atlanta Film Festival; Aurora Picture Show, Houston; Blaffer Art Museum, Houston; Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio; Bogotá Experimental Film Festival; Contemporary Arts Museum Houston; Cosmic Rays Film Festival, Chapel Hill; Crossroads Festival, San Francisco; Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art, Toronto; Festival ECRÃ, Rio de Janeiro; Ende Tymes Festival of Noise & Experimental Liberation, New York; Filmmaker's Cooperative, New York; Flatpack Festival, Birmingham; Helicotrema Festival, Venice; Houston Cinema Arts Festival; Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Lisbon Architecture Triennale; Matadero, Madrid; Loisaida Cortos Film Festival, New York; MAXXI, Rome; Mexic-arte Museum, Austin; Mientras Tanto Cine, Montevideo; Millennium Film Workshop, Brooklyn; Minneapolis Institute of Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara; Museum of Arts & Design, New York; non-syntax Experimental Image Festival, Taipei; Radio Amnion, London; Radio Kinesonus, Tokyo; Radiophrenia, Glasgow; Radius FM, Chicago; Salt Lake City Film Festival; Sonorities Festival, Belfast; Taos Center for the Arts; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Wave Farm, New York; and Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, among other places.


2017-20 French American Cultural Exchange Foundation, New York

2014-15 Rome Prize in Visual Art, American Academy in Rome

2013 ACRE, Artist in residence, Chicago

2013 Signal Fire, Artist in residence, Portland

2010 MACBA, Researcher in residence, Barcelona

2009 National Association of Latinx Arts & Culture, San Antonio

2008 Jerome Foundation, New York/St. Paul

2007 Tanne Foundation, Boston

2007 National Association of Latinx Arts & Culture, San Antonio

2006 Jerome Foundation, New York/St. Paul

2005 Irish Museum of Modern Art, Artist in residence, Dublin

2004 Jerome Foundation, New York/St. Paul